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Meaning is imposed upon the world through narrative. A recurrent theme in Eastwood’s practice is the creation of new worlds: alternative realities of an undetermined significance. Objects and spaces are framed by stories, and in turn invite retelling or re-enactment. 

Miniature figures inhabit spaces in search of meaning. Perched on a ledge in a void, or trapped within frames, they may be actors on a shrunken stage or avatars for our imaginations.

Dodrefn ymchwil (cabinets of curiosity) explore physical frames as sources of meaning. Showcases turn finds into collections; storage units channel hierarchies; bookshelves shape our reading. These wunderkammer create wonders. 

Gallery visitors find themselves framed when invited to sit down on Eastwood’s benches. Are these pews in a stripped-back stone Welsh chapel, or the remains of a quarry? What is the narrative?
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