31/05/2021 - 19/09/2021

Dan Glo // Locked 

Paul Eastwood |Tom Echlin | Ffion Griffiths | Rhi Moxon | Georgia Nielson | Matthew Walker | Joseph Wheeler

Theatr Clwyd & Periclo cyflwyno’r arddangosfa gyntaf gan artistiaid o Stiwdio Olivet, Wrecsam.

Theatr Clwyd & Periclo present the first exhibition of work by artists from Olivet Studios, Wrexham.


Pillow Talk Platform

Resident Podcast

In their BSR Fellowship projects, Paul Eastwood and Hester Schadee were both interested in hegemonic language and the tangible remains of the past (Eastwood: Boustrophedon: A Legacy Left in Stone and Ruin; Schadee: Roman Relics and Renaissance Collectors). They collaborated for a mini-exhibition entitled Memento Monumenta, which explored notions of remembrance through pseudo-facsimile funerary artefacts and inscriptions.