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08/07/2023 -  26/08/2023

A I OS EI DI, StudioMADE, Denbigh

'A i os ei di' is a modest invitation, an invitation to do something together. It is a dialogue, an exchange and an agreement. I will if you will. The artists here use language, or understanding, to introduce us to new thoughts, new ideas. This exhibition is a celebration of the power of language. It is a reminder that it is more than just a tool for communication. It is a way of thinking, a way of feeling, and a way of being. With Radha Patel, Paul Eastwood, Barry Anthony Finan, Mareah Ali, Dylan Huw and Esyllt Lewis, part of the group mwnwgl. The exhibition is curated by Anthony Shapland.

01/09/2022 -  01/03/2023

Wales Venice 10 Fellowship

09/09/2022 -  22/10/2022

Lleferydd Llenedig / Veiled Speech, Galeri, Caernarfon

In Veiled Speech, Paul Eastwood exhibits a new series of tapestries that evoke the ruins of an imagined architecture. Monumental disassembled stone blocks are restacked to form new patterns. Some display fragments of Welsh inscriptions. Their weathered surfaces vie for attention with encroaching ivy.

25/06-2022 - 025/09/2022

Temporary Atlas: Mapping the Self in the Art of Today, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, Wales.   

Temporary Atlas: Mapping the Self in the Art of Today presents a selection of works that explore an alternative, complementary idea to cartography, the traditional science or practice of drawing maps.

Curated by Dr Alfredo Cramerotti, Temporary Atlas, includes works by artists Sanford Biggers, Seymour Chwast, Jeremy Deller, Sarah Entwistle, Enam Gbewonyo, Rochelle Goldberg, Oliver Laric, James Lewis, Ibrahim Mahama, Paul Maheke, Matt Mullican, Otobong Nkanga, Kiki Smith, Walid Raad and specially commissioned work from three Welsh artists Manon Awst, Adéolá Dewis and Paul Eastwood.

09/06-2022 - 09/07/2022

The Spolia Drawings at Eston Arts Centre, Middlesbrough.
In The Spolia Drawings, Paul Eastwood exhibits a series of new works alongside the research drawings that formed their inspiration, which he created during his Fellowship at the British School at Rome. Spolia are fragments of old art and architecture incorporated into new structures, where they assume and impose fresh meanings. The City of Rome – a palimpsest of history – abounds in spolia, rubbed imprints of which are on display in the show. Eastwood’s new drawings use the same technique of rubbing to call into being an imaginary architecture of the historic British Isles. Monumental disassembled stone blocks, interspersed with broken inscriptions, are restacked to form new patterns. Their weathered surfaces vie for attention with encroaching ivy. The viewer is invited to consider what original constructions they might have stemmed from, and also why they would have been repurposed and by whom: what are the meanings of the new versus the old?


Translation! Festival 2022

Paul Eastwood, Aiden Power and Katy Humberstone for their session 'Dyfodiaith: Iaith Bwystnon / Language Plague'
Watch 2019 film Dyfodiaith (commissioned by Chapter Gallery, Cardiff), followed by a Q&A. The film’s symbolic imagery ties language to bodies, while body parts build landscapes: a kind of reverse archaeology. The visuals are overlaid with an alternately sung and spoken narrative, delivered in a speculative Celtic/Brythonic language, as an alternative to English/Globish. Indeed, the title Dyfodiaith takes the Welsh word for “dialect” but changes it to mean “future language”.
2pm on Friday 13th May at Exeter Public Library , Rougemont Room

19/03/2022 - 11/06/2022


Paul Eastwood | Antony Gormley | Lesley James | Lydia Meehan |Renee So | Liam Stokes-Massey.

Mae Chwedlau o Terracottapolis yn brosiect partneriaeth rhwng Tŷ Pawb ac Amgueddfa ac Archifau Wrecsam

Tales From Terracottapolis is a partnership project between Tŷ Pawb and Wrexham Museum and Archives

31/05/2021 - 19/09/2021

Dan Glo // Locked 

Paul Eastwood |Tom Echlin | Ffion Griffiths | Rhi Moxon | Georgia Nielson | Matthew Walker | Joseph Wheeler

Theatr Clwyd & Periclo cyflwyno’r arddangosfa gyntaf gan artistiaid o Stiwdio Olivet, Wrecsam.

Theatr Clwyd & Periclo present the first exhibition of work by artists from Olivet Studios, Wrexham.

Pillow Talk Platform

Resident Podcast

In their BSR Fellowship projects, Paul Eastwood and Hester Schadee were both interested in hegemonic language and the tangible remains of the past (Eastwood: Boustrophedon: A Legacy Left in Stone and Ruin; Schadee: Roman Relics and Renaissance Collectors). They collaborated for a mini-exhibition entitled Memento Monumenta, which explored notions of remembrance through pseudo-facsimile funerary artefacts and inscriptions.

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